L'expertise de Shopworks en matière de design de magasin et de conseils spécialisés dans la vente au détail signifie que nous experts sont souvent invités à publier des articles et des présentations dans le monde. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une sélection de nos articles (en anglais uniquement).

Right or Wrong ?

Hugues Audouard15.06.14
Customers turn right in shops...or so they say. In terms of understanding customer shopping behaviour, this is probably one of the most widely repeated claims, but is this well worn phrase a myth or reality?

Flagship stores: a strategic approach to brand management

Hugues Audouard16.02.14
As the brightest diamond in a retailer’s crown, the flagship store has a key role to play in the company’s brand strategy. Normally the biggest, most impressive store in the retail chain, it is, nonetheless, not simply about being a larger, better looking

Relationship between footfall and productivity

Joao Barbosa22.07.13
Understanding footfall and walk-out rate is critical to evaluating store productivity. Joao Barbosa, managing director of Shopworks Iberia and China, reports.

The changing face of the global mobile phone market

Sanjeev Mehta03.07.13
Shopworks has provided expert retail store design advice to the mobile phone industry across three continents. We recently completed our first new concept phone store in India, with the opening of the Mobile Store Lounge in Pune.

#retail and the rise of showrooming

Kerry James11.03.13
More than ever, shoppers today use retail as a research mechanism and an opportunity to examine, touch and feel items prior to purchase.

The impact of international formats and brands on Indian retail

India has a population of 1.1 billion. The country's rapidly-growing economy includes a middle class of 300 million people, and counting. So there's clearly scope for retailers to make an impact. But all formats are not alike.

Mobile – Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Michelle Drapeau20.06.12
The rapid growth of mobile technology, combined with changes in consumer and retail trends, is having a major impact on our shopping habits. Whether using them to compare price, reserve a product in store or research reviews online, mobiles are affecting

Sitting: the unexpected hazard in the workplace

Michelle Drapeau21.05.12
To coincide with the launch of Office Anatomy, osteopath and lecturer, Tim Hanwell, advises on the top 5 workplace injuries caused by seating and seated posture, and provides advice for minimising potential risk.

Store front design: the five golden rules for maximum impact

Hugues Audouard03.02.12
The best store front designs create maximum visual impact, setting you apart from your competitors and increasing customer footfall. Shopworks’ Head of Research and Category Management, Hugues Audouard, lists his five golden rules for implementing an effe

China sourcing: meeting the challenges, achieving success

Sourcing your fixtures and fittings from China offers significant potential in terms of cost savings. Developments in manufacturing processes combined with improvements in technology and equipment ensure quality products at very competitive prices. But naturally, sourcing from another country presents challenges. Understanding the unique challenges of sourcing from China ensures your experience is productive, positive and most of all profitable...
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