L'expertise de Shopworks en matière de design de magasin et de conseils spécialisés dans la vente au détail signifie que nous experts sont souvent invités à publier des articles et des présentations dans le monde. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une sélection de nos articles (en anglais uniquement).

Am I too old for Hollister ?

Hugues Audouard07.12.09
Hollister, a difficult place to shop or a great brand experience ?

The use of colours in retail store design

Michelle Drapeau05.05.09
The use of colour in your store has a big impact on customer experience. Mike Travalia, Head and Design and Communication at Shopworks, takes a look at the use and effect of colour in a retail environment.

New mobile phone store concept for Turkey

Michelle Drapeau28.04.09
A new kind of shopping experience is being enjoyed by Turkish shoppers, following the opening of Turkcell’s mobile phone store in Istanbul, which was designed and implemented by international retail consultancy, Shopworks.

How to optimise space in my store

Michelle Drapeau24.04.09
Optimising the value of space is about using the available space in the best way possible to achieve optimum results. In essence, this means that your merchandise needs to be easily visible and accessible, but in an environment that also creates a positive shopping experience for the customer.

Top tips for store merchandising

Michelle Drapeau22.04.09
A well thought out merchandising plan always pays dividends in terms of sales results. Craig Phillipson, Managing Director of retail consultancy, Shopworks, gives his four top tips for successful merchandising.

Why retailers are investing in experiential stores

Craig Phillipson23/03/2017
Experiential retail ranges from virtual reality to store layout and pop-up shops in cafés, but retailers who are truly getting it right are the ones able to blend the act of shopping with the art of experience. Retail Week examines which retailers are increasingly investing in experiential stores to provide shoppers with unforgettable experiences which keep them coming back to the high street.
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