Grace & Young - un concept de magasin pour le monde parfait de la bijouterie

The retail design challenge:

Grace&Young wanted to develop a Moscow based store aiming to create a multi-sensory retail experience for its customers while displaying its beautiful, unique products.
As an English brand with international aspirations, Grace & Young launched in 2013, needed to develop a logo, corporate identity and the store experience to suit its well defined mission and values; femininity; elegance and grace.  
Shopworks were engaged in the evolution of the brand at all stages, from logo creation and corporate identity to the selection of music, and, of course, the central reflection of the brand - the retail store itself.

The Outcome: 

The Shopworks team based in Moscow worked closely with Grace&Young to create:
• The logo
• The corporate identity
• The brand concept
• The store design
• Shopper research
Following the first store opening in September 2014, initial sales figures from the Grace & Young team show excellent results.

The retail design journey

Being involved in a client’s brand development is a very exciting challenge and it was obvious from the outset that Grace & Young had a clear concept they wanted to see come to life.  Our first step was to listen, learn and start to shape that concept into something concrete. They wanted to put their customers’ emotional needs at the heart of their shopping experience and the centre of their branding.
The corporate identity and logo needed to be a simple, familiar symbol to complement the elegance and integrity of their jewellery.  They were thrilled at the design we produced using the figure of the deer embodying elegance and grace with a colour palette of rich chocolate, misty pink and smoky gray – reflecting the smooth natural sophistication of their products.
The next step of our work was to take the look and feel of the logo into their Moscow store.  We did this through the design of the retail equipment that is inspired by natural forms of rocks and mountains – perpetuating the look and feel of the natural world apparent in their branding. The shaping of the store interior continues it in the form of a single curved wall located on the right side of the entrance and on the left with smooth and strict geometrical lines producing the unique effect of a free play of shapes and curves, which can often be found in landscapes.
A special place in the retail concept is the jewellery categorization. We stepped away from a separation of products by type of materials or price. Instead we formed a more open model, designed for ease of choice on the one hand and for increase of transaction value on the other. As a result, the collections are grouped by the goal of purchase: the best gift for a loved one, a marriage proposal, a lovely weekend, a special date etc.  Store navigation is intuitive and helps to nurture the customer’s trust in the taste of the jewellery professionals at Grace&Young.
The work on this project has shown how important it is to create a brand based on our specialist knowledge of clients real market needs. Its success was made possible in part due to our close co-operation with the energetic and inspiring Grace & Young team. Knowing the target audience, understanding for whom and why this brand is created gave us a very clear idea of the path of development, which eventually led us to a successful jewellery store design.