New mobile phone store concept for Turkey


The brief was to create a multi-sensory, interactive mobile phone services store that showcased Turkcell's products and services through stimulation of all five senses, while still meeting the requirements of key stakeholders: the customer, Turkcell (Turkey's biggest mobile phone operator) and the store operator.

Shopworks was appointed following an intensive tender process, after fending off competition from eight local and eight international agencies.  The company, based in London but with offices worldwide, is a research-based retail consultancy providing design, floor planning, consumer research, category management and implementation to a range of blue chip retailers and manufacturers globally.

Recognising the need to blend their international experience with Turkish market specifics, Shopworks began the process by commissioning local agencies to carry out research into how and why people shopped in the existing store and what they actually wanted from their shopping experience.  The results of this research were then used to inform the design process so that the shopper's needs would be met at each stage of his journey, i.e. outside the store, at the shop window, on the threshold and inside the store. 

The end result was a complete move away from Turkcell's traditional, business-like image.  Shopworks introduced a softer, more welcoming feel into the store with the use of soft edges on the fixtures and fittings, and curved or circular designs for the furniture - even the entry into the store is an archway.  At the same time, Turkcell took the brave decision to change its corporate colour from a conservative dark blue to a more vibrant orange.  The change in colour scheme immediately created a friendly feel within the store, while a vinyl orange translucency across the shop window created a welcoming orangy glow from the outside.

The store itself was designed for maximum visibility of all products and services.  The entire width of the shop front is glass, which also gives a feeling of warmth and openness, while the layout of the interior ensures full view of all merchandise and enables the shopper to quickly and easily find what he is looking for.  Categories of products, such as ‘Youth', ‘Business', ‘Music' or ‘Photo' are defined through the use of different colours and materials, again ensuring the whole shopping experience is as easy and relaxed as possible.

Central to the store design was the idea for an interactive Phone Bar, or Experience Bar, where live handsets would be available on the retail floor for customers to explore and experience for real.  Shopworks created two c-shaped designs enabling customers to view Turkcell's entire range of phones and to test the products and features for use, feel, sound and weight.  An LCD display was incorporated into the Phone Bar which would initiate whenever a handset was picked up, displaying information on the features of that particular product.  To complete the experience a large, illuminated map of the world was positioned on the ceiling directly above the Phone Bar, both to display the number of countries covered by Turkcell and also to reinforce the concept that the Phone Bar displayed Turkcell's entire product range.

Catering to three of the five senses - sight, sound and touch - was relatively easy to address, but taste and smell required further creativity.  A Turkcell scent was finallychosen, based on the fragrance of mixed citrus, and is used throughout the store.  And the idea of a Turkcell tea is in development!

The new design was extremely successful and resulted in a 400% increase in sales for Turkcell.  Turkcell is now planning an extensive national rollout of the design across its stores.

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